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you guys need to stop going on the internet and fillout out surveys for few money and free gift cards. That is how your info is provided, by the company you fill the info out for .

It is 2015 no one is going to pay your bills or give you free *** unless you are dying, a person that doesnt work or you have 12 kids and live off the system.

So stop applying for free stuff and letting the companies sell your information to LCN or other comnpanies like it. You guys are the fools, not the company.

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you guys truly suck you know that right?you will be the ones that will be called all the time not us anymore!!!! you will be the one that will be put on an automatic dialing system!

I will be calling you over and over again like you do me!!!! I asked nicely to be taken off your list but you didn't so I will call you and comment daily about YOU!!!!


you guys are the ones that continuously call me and harass me!!and I never signed up for anything and if it is that way, then that's your fault if it's that easy to click on the information for you guys and waste your time I'm glad !!!!I'm glad we do!!!!see how you feel when your time gets waisted!!!!! I don't even own a car you ***'s!!!! Always check your information??????

to Anonymous #1130232

yeah I work for the outfit in Salem New Hampshire,I'm going to say,it wasn't easy going to work there,I was sexually harrassed daily,I noticed all the girls were,and felt uncomfortable,EVERY GIRL THERE DID!! IF you're Pretty stay away, DON'T lose your dignity!!!'NO JOB is worth LOSING YOUR identity!!

Will play mind games pay sucks,and impossible to hit bonus!! NOT a SECURE JOB!!!'YOU'LL HATE IT TRUST ME!!!!!!

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