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I got 2 calls from this company, from a 407 area code, my area code, but no one ever left a message. On the 3rd call I answered, because I had contacted a couple of companies about doing blown-in insulation on my house, and was thinking it was one of them trying to set up an appointment.

Much to my surprise, it was NOT a robocall, but a live human, who said "I'm calling from (mumble, mumble, something unintelligible) and we've been trying to reach you about refinancing you house" or something along those lines. I have a great interest rate and have no need nor desire to refinance my home.

When I angrily asked who the f*** was calling and why were they calling me, the called said "have a great day" and hung up on me. Calls reported to Do Not Call list, phone number blocked, any more calls from them and I contact an attorney.

Reason of review: Calling me when I'm on the do not call list.

Preferred solution: Stop calling me.

I didn't like: Unsolicited calls.

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I'm with you 100 % regarding my hatred for unsolicited telephone calls.

There's almost nothing that annoys me more.

I keep bizarre hours and I despise phone solicitations.

Calls, calls, calls ; the caller I.D. always shows only a number (no name) and they absolutely, positively, never leave a message.

So it stops after 3 rings when the machine kicks on , which , even if I got up off my lazy derriere , isn't long enough to answer ....

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